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John sits in a chair looking across the room

John MacDonald
UK | Lithuania

I craft compelling visuals for prestigious clientele. With over a decade of editing experience under my belt, I've spearheaded projects for world-renowned companies like British Airways, Sainsbury's Argos, QVC, and The Sunday Times, as well as various post-houses I’m under NDA’s for. I try to consistently exceed expectations with my freelance editing expertise.


I thrive in the fast-paced environment of freelance work, bringing a wealth of experience and versatility to every project. 


Currently I split my time between the UK and Lithuania, comfortably working across borders. I'm eager to expand my European client base and am fully equipped to operate remotely, ensuring seamless collaboration no matter the project size or location.

Contact Me

John MacDonald

+447541 071551

+370 612 72 982

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